Wednesday, August 26, 2009

oooh yes, I am back on track

Mad nasty withdrawal symptoms, but I am sticking to it. Think I am going to WI tomorrow to boost my ego a bit. Feel my clothes getting looser again, and am feeling less cranky and achey.

Took the halflings to the Horniman museum again yesterday, and was OP and wheat free despite being tempted by a very very yummy quiche (which I had to pass to Malachi at the last minute). On the way home I felt very ill, and had a nasty headache brewing - was sure that wheat and sugar would fix it, but I am not messing around this time. I will NOT turn 26 still overweight. Ignored the cakes and ice cream at the counter as I grabbed the kids something, instead opting for a fruit salad and (thankyou God) some tasty gluten free cookies.

Again today I wanted to overeat soo very badly. Have stayed strong though, and beginning to feel less cravings, definately feel more on an even keel emotionally, and already feel my tastes returning to prefering real foods.

Just need to keep this up now - I want a full shiny sticker sheet, and the healthier mind and body that represents.


  1. yay for willpower!! you are doing great- i know you doubt yourself but you are. even if you only find the willpower at the last possible second, i have put things in my mouth before and then spat it out lol, so you are doing great. and all those shiny stickers prove my point.