Saturday, August 15, 2009

point, and click, and stick...

I love tools. Fun stuff to keep me motivated and on track. Visual reminders, things to do to keep me interested, methods of making the weightloss game seem new and fresh.

Sam has really jumped on board with coaching me through this silly patch. Took me to Lorimers yesterday and told me to choose 3 packs of stickers - I am a geek, went for some
Star Wars, Marvel heros and Tinkerbell!! I am allowed one shiny glittery fun sticker each day if I achieve each of the following - for a Tinkerbell I have to be light and floaty and wheat free. Toget Starwars dude I have to feel at one with the force and stick to my points, and to get my Marvel hero I have to do 30mins excercise. Am chuffed to say I got all 3 yesterday =)

Also, vouchers from the insurance company have finally arrived, nearly 3 months after my camera died. So today we can go pick out a new one, yippee! Find being able to photo my food/see changes in pictures of me such a boost for keeping my head on straight. Visual kicks are mega important to me.

Still on track, feeling good. Down to 160 this morning, hoping to be well on my way through the 150s for Monday mornings WI!


  1. here's to tamping out the silly patches!

  2. You can doooooooooo it!!!!

    Best wishes -- can't wait to see more photos - that will motivate ME :)

  3. oooh I LOVE STICKERS!
    might have to make my own version of that.
    defo the superheroes for excercising.

    maybe with mermaids for drinking my 2L water.
    and something sticky for sticking to points...spiderman maybe. or some kind of gooey swamp monster.

  4. I'm glad you are back with us, I was starting to get worried. The stickers are a fantastic idea, I'm a big kid like that too, got a pack which have things like "good sitting", "i was good in the car today", "i ate all my dinner", etc.!!

  5. that is such a cool idea!! lol- and another visual aid for goodness!!