Monday, August 03, 2009

week 49 - proving my point

I need to be wheat free. I need to be thinking about the choices I make every second. I am not in the place where I can let go and just eat as I choose.. not unless I am going back to living with obesity.

Stats as of today -
BMI - 27.8
Weight - 157 lbs, total of 65 gone forever. 16 til gold.

So, I am still 9lbs up from 2 weeks ago. Have lost 3.5lbs over the weekend though!

Seeing a gain of almost a stone in just a few days of eating foods that are not good for me was shocking. Easy to see how just a couple of months of that type of eating could have my body plumped right back up to it's former glory. Last week was a fail in every way. I ate really badly. Too much, snacking, on the go, empty calories. It didn't satisfy me, all the food I thought I was craving and missing out on - actually didn't live up to the hype once I got my jaws around it. As well as the weight gain, my body was weakened. I couldn't get myself together to exercise, my muscles ached. Getting out the house or doing more than bare minimum on the movement front has been something I felt was out of my reach, feelings of lethargy and mild depression clouding my days and mood. Yuck.

So, change, quickly. Eating good whole foods that fuel my body to run healthily and efficiently. Using and strengthening my muscles and burning the fat by picking back up on the 30 day shred. Drinking plenty of fluids to help my body rid itself of the waste of this last week. Getting my head back into a healthy mindset.

Week 50 starts next week, I want to see that I've lost an average of 1.5lbs a week - and that ever elusive 75lbs off WILL BE MINE! (I would laugh, but I really, really do mean it every time!)


  1. I have to admit it was a bit of a shock seeing your tracker go back up like that, I'm so used to seeing it go down steadily... Good on you for not letting it get you down though and I'm sure that you'll get rid of the excess in no time! xxx

  2. wow that was a huge gain just for eating the wheat- did you feel bloated and sluggish too??

    well done on the loss over the weekend, onwards and upwards!

  3. ok so well on your way back to flat on the wheat gain...