Monday, August 24, 2009

week 52 - a gain, again.

Knew it was going to be, bounced back up 7lbs since last week. Sure it will melt away by Thursday as long as I get back to the plan.
stats as of today - BMI - 29.1 Weight - 164 lbs, total of 58 gone forever.

Been busily cleaning and decluttering the flat, stayed wheat free and on points and had a good walk today. There's 10 days til we go up to Leicester for a 5 day stay, 5 months after we last were there. It will also be a year since I went to my first WW meeting and I want to be back to my 70lb loss for then.

Got my sticker chart all ready for the week - an extra space for having done serious cleaning around the home. Am noticing days where I work hard at the house, the diet stuff follows. If I am looking after the home, I am looking after myself. Today I scrubbed walls, floors and skirting, got 5 liners of clutter out and cleared through the closets.


  1. Stay positive hun! You have done amazing!! x

  2. Agreed! I find if I'm lazy around the house, I'm lazy with my cooking and eating too. You're sounding really positive and energetic. Good for you!

  3. keep at it... you've come so far...