Monday, August 31, 2009

week 53 - 9lbs off,

Jumped on my scales this morning, hoping for a decent loss - and I got one. 11st 1lb, down 9lbs from last week. Whoop.

Stats as of today -
BMI - 27.4
Weight - 155 lbs, total of 67 gone forever. 14 til gold.

Have had a good week, not perfect by a long shot. Really went way over points on Thursday (30 extra, for the sake of full disclosure. I ate 2 big bowls of granola crunch and yoghurt as well as honey coated nuts) and went over again by 9 on Saturday (generic brand of chocolate nut spread, though the fact I *only* ate 3 ryvita slices topped with it is a minor victory!) So, 39 points over for the week - equals about 5.5 extra a day - the amount that I should be maintaining my weight on. Still, I got a loss of 9lbs, proving for me that the other stuff matters as much as the eating. I have looked after myself and the house this week. I have been a walking L'oReal girl - every time I'd falter, or doubt my actions repeating 'because you're worth it' to myself. By yesterday morning I believed it. I haven't had a smidge of wheat and the aches and pains are gone. After the first 4 days of headache and dry acrid mouth I've felt better than I have since late July. My bloated tummy has calmed down and the unexplained cough has gone. Each day I have done 30 mins worth of activity, be it a brisk walk, aerobics, or a session on the wii fit.

Sustainable, I haven't felt a real fire in my gut, or had to work hard for it this week. Good, because I need to do this for life. I really am beginning to understand this now. Maybe not the pointing and the sticker charts, fun as they are - but the wheat free living, positive thinking and actively looking after me a bit better are totally necessary for me to stay healthy.

Got my new sticker chart for the week up and ready - I am going to go for as good as, if not better than 26/28 this week! Hoping for another 3lbs off in the next couple of days, getting me back to 70lbs off for the 1yr anniversary of my starting this weightloss (3rd Sept 08).