Sunday, August 23, 2009

a weekend of excess...

celebrating our 6th Anniversary. Lots of wheat, sugar and fat. And I have had a great weekend with my family.. worth every calorie.

After a cooked breakfast, we spent the Saturday over at MILs, she was back from a month touring and the kids were really pleased to see her. We had lunch at the pub which was our usual haunt during our college days 8 years ago. Then sun and sand and lush ice creams at the Priory park. A lazy, foody Sunday today. Sam had bought me chocolate logs after seeing the traditional and modern gifts for this year were chocolate and wood. Had Italian delivered for dinner, have notstepped foot on the kitchen, except to put away leftover dessert.

Expecting a gain tomorrow, but then it's back to the grindstone to get down to goal asap. I will not be turning 26 with a BMI over 25!

As for getting back into my dress.. forget that, I still weigh at least 30lbs more than I did on my wedding day 6 years ago. Still, this is the slimmest I have been since our first anniversary! Last year I remember reaching for Sam's jeans to wear, as I had gotten too big to fit my own. Disgusted and mortified when I could barely pull them on. The last year has seen a lot of very great changes.. and though the last 5 months have been a wobbly few, I've maintained my loss so far, and I know that I will reach my goal, even if my route takes me to see a few sights first.

I will get back into that dress, whether it's next month or next year, I am doing it.. you'll see. Meantime the fat pants of Sam's? We've chucked them, too big to be any use to either of us now.


  1. Awesome accomplishments. I've gotten okay with the idea of gains that you pay for immediately thereafter. There's always going to be celebrations... and there are always going to be bills that come due when the celebration is over. That's just something we all need to live with...

  2. great progress give yourself a break on your anniversary i say... staying married six years deserved a weekend off!

  3. Way to go!

    You WILL get back into that dress.... just like I'll get back into my jeans.... we can do it!