Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Yes, indeed, I am a chocolate Ninja...

After reading the words in my comments - aside from suddenly feeling hungry for chocolate and then guilty that the first word of the pair hadn't resonated quite as strongly, leaving me overwhelmed with the desire to be performing hours of jumping squats or something (whew, that went on a bit) - I thought I'd better check what, exactly, I was about to chuckle at him for calling me.

Cos, yunno, it's Carlos we're talking about.

Enter google and the Urban Dictionary. And.. oh! Well, I am going to pretend not to notice the first definition. Admittedly I had half expected to get something of this genre pop up. ;) Obviously not my kinda ninja though..
but then there's a 2nd definition, oh yes. Class.

cartoon from roodiedoodie.wordpress.com

1. A somewhat-crazed female who takes to hanging around ceilings and yelling, "PANTS!" and other such nonsense at random intervals. Loves sugary things. 2. Someone who steals other peoples' chocolate bars.
1. Start making sense, you damn chocolate ninja! 2. Damn it, a chocolate ninja just stole my candy bar!

Oooh yes, that sounds about right. So - what does a Chocolate Ninja do when the rest of her family are in the garden eating fish 'n' chips? Well, today she made the choice to get inside and push that bit harder. Having only managed 15/30mins on the Wii fit, I decided I could do another Shred, up to level 2.

Wow that was tougher than level 1. Which, while it was still working me out, wasn't really pushing me like it did just a week ago. Aside from labour, I cannot think of when I have done anything to make me sweat anymore than the session I just completed. Was grateful to be able to modify a few of those, the sweat is still running 20mins after I've left the shower!!

Already, I can feel my body is more flexible and responsive and ninja-esque.. this is working well for me. Shred 8/30 done.

Pictures from crappy camera are just a poor representation of the molten mess I am. Did not know until today that getting perspiration in the eye stings! Even giving birth to my 10.5lb son at home I wasn't anywhere near that sweaty!! (Then again, I didn't have to do the whole she-bang inside 20mins)

Food today was good, 28/28
  • oat pancakes and jam
  • granola bars and nutella
  • 0 point soup (carrots, orange pepper, onion, mushrooms, and seasoning)
  • hard boiled egg salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, cress and mushroom)
  • more soup (with extra peas in)
  • tuna in tomato sauce with stir fry veggies (onion, zucchini, mushroom and petit pois)


  1. Argh! I really admire you for sticking with the shredding! I am such a lazy weakling... the thought alone exhausts me and I haven't even attempted the first level yet, still contemplating it though...
    Great going food-wise! I'm sure you'll have kicked those extra lbs in the butt come next WI!

  2. haven't heard from you for a week, are you ok???