Tuesday, September 22, 2009


for the lack of noise from me.

Thankyou to all who have emailed/left comments/nudged me elsewhere on the interwebs.

It's been a funny couple of weeks, I am on track, I will update and fill in soon, promise.

Lots of stuff has had me reeling, with the latest being Sam being made redundant today.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

In Leicester

In our travelodge, food eaten for the day on track, no wheat, a LOT of moving and my needing to do housework is on hold for 5 whole days, whoop!

Got a busy few days ahead, with needing to eat out for all meals. Am determined to stay off wheat and track as best I can. Looking to be home on Monday and back at 152lbs (which means losing 3lbs this week - we'll see how I manage!)

Had a tuna stirfry before I left, and found a wheat free maple and pecan slice and a chicken and bacon ranch salad at St Pancras station. Had a small portion of chips and fruit salad for supper - Sam was desperate for a Kebab, and I averted my eyes until the greasy (yummy) smell was gone.

Last time we were here we discovered the handmade burger co. just a short stagger from our hotel. Trying to be as thrifty as we can considering we need to feed 6 without any means to prepare/cook food, we're looking for deals when out and about. There's one advertised there to get a free kids meal with each adult meal bought until 4th Sept. So dinner tomorrow is found! Going to have to check out whether the burgers are wheat free though, even if they are I'll be donating my burger buns to the twins plates!!

Tomorrow morning we're doing the hotels breakfast - buffet style stuff, 2 free kids per paying adult. Am hoping for being able to really fill up with cereal, yoghurt, fruit and maybe some egg and beans. Have brought ryvita with me to munch with any preserve instead of the toast the hotel will provide. Then we're meeting with friends at the city farm for the day. Haven't seen one of them since her move to Norway nearly 2 years ago. Good time to be had I'm sure.. just got to steer clear of the farmhouse cakes.