Friday, October 30, 2009

Day out with the boys.

Yesterday Sam and I took the boys to see 'Bob the builder Live' at Fairfield Halls. Booked it back in September, 2 hours before I found out that Sam had lost his job. The tickets were, of course, non-refundable. At £75 they were not cheap either.

The twins, being a bit young to sit still and not try and climb up to ride on Scoop, spent a few hours playing with their Nana and Grandad, who had taken the day off for them =)

Was lots of fun, totally worth doing. The boys were both in awe at seeing their favourite characters right in front of them, and it was nice to spend some time being 100% available for them, not with babies attached.

As I walked down our road to collect the girls from my mums, I was met with my dad pushing a double pram of screeching twins up to me. 4 hours is far too long to manage without milk it seems.. I knew my girls were milkaholics, but at nearly 18mos to not manage a 4 hour break (which included nap and walk) must be on the *my mummy makes the beshtesht milk evah!* end of the scale, lol.

Good day though, on points, no wheat, a bit of walking and 30mins Wii fit - 26mins of which were rhythm boxing.. sweaty.


  1. I had all daughters, so missed out on "Bob the Builder." But there were plenty of Disney princess shows to fill the gap.

  2. bob the builder can we fix it!? awesome