Monday, December 07, 2009


So - I was feeling really ready to knuckle back down. A month after last going to a meeting and totally off track again.

Checked my voicemail and found a message from a 'Sally' saying she was taking over the reins from Bridget, and to please let her know how I was doing.

So this morning I went back. Lapsed, up from 148lbs on July 20th, to 181lbs today. 0_o Just one teeny lb until I would have been back in the 13 stones. Erk.

Anyhow, I have charity shopped all but one pair of my fitting trousers, bought a shiny new tracker journal and have dragged out the kitchen scales. Am on points today, and threw 4 mince pies in the bin rather than down my throat. I am flab-fighting, hear me roar.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

*mutter* dusts off blog..


right.. where is that button to.. aha. Now how do I post again? Hello? Anyone still there?

Sorry to have been so spectacularly absent.


I have not been doing much of anything weight related. Been a mad few weeks. Just been doing life. Feeling good though, not comfort eating/bingeing, not obsessing about the scale. Just living.

I am determined to finish this though, to get to goal. Just, yunno.. it's a lifelong journey, and I intend to live a while yet, so not feeling the need to race myself anymore.

Thanks for nudges.. I am now finding an app so I can blog from my phone. I'll dust the scales off too and get some numbers up ;)

Hoping that the dust will then settle and I can fill you in on the last couple of months, and get back to speed and keep up with my wonderful bloglandfriends.