Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm soo hungry

I blame the cold, wet, miserable January-ness of today.

Been a really 'blah' day too. Payday, except the pack was short 2 weeks as Sam switched jobs. Had an email reminder for the meter readings, and rent to pay too. Fun time spent sorting money nearly had me snacking, so instead I chucked Muse on as loud as Seth would let me, and danced the halflings about until the endorphins arrived.

Then Sam text me to say he had a dental appointment, but had forgot his wallet. (Which I later learned meant he'd popped into my mums on the way to work to beg a tenner, catching her all nekkid *snigger*) So.. bundled the kidlets up and mooched to meet him through hail and snow. No, seriously, there was hail and snow. Just for the 2 hours we were out. Grr.

Wet, unfed and tired kids meant we stopped at the chippy on the way back. I resisted temptation and popped with Seth to the library next door. Once home I was starving, and knew I had minutes before the babies would want feeding.. and there was all that battered cod and fat yummy chips to beeaten... ack.

Quickly checked the post as I moved towards the kitchen, and found this:

Hi Joy, I am very happy that you have decided to come back to weightwatchers this week, + know that you will succeed with weightloss given how successful you have been in the past! See you monday. Sally x

Motivational miracle! Suddenly had a flash of clear thinking and zapped and ate the lunch Sam was meant to have that day, while the rest of them scoffed yummy smelling deepfried battered stuff. First ready meal I've had in yonks, and wow it was yummy - rice noodles, stir fried veg with chicken and king prawns. Sainsburys range, and they look and taste fabulous. 6 points for it too. Fab, fab, fab.

So - still on points, easy weekend looming, excited to get to Monday and see those numbers go DOWN.


  1. YAY you!! I don't know if I could've resisted!!

  2. You are so strong! I hope you're very pleased with yourself.

  3. Oh yeay go you! That little letter was a saviour, I could have done with one of those yesterday!

  4. Oh yesh!! Well done you!!
    I wish my WI was a monday....Wednesday seems so faaaar away!! :o(