Saturday, January 30, 2010

Really don't deserve it

but this really gave me a boost and a smile, and I'd like to pass that on.

Thankyou to Amanda, Joanne and Lorraine for being so kind to think of me. I have been spectacularly absent, and to come back to such unconditional support is overwhelming.

With this warm fuzzy feeling comes the chance for me to share 7 things you don't know about me, plus send the fuzzies on to 7 of my own nominees.

So, to get the meme out the way:

1) I have a phobia of buttons. People laugh if it comes up. I'm not trying to be funny. The things really squick me out. Found out it has a name, koumpounophobia. Oddly shaped/coloured buttons make me feel ill. The idea of wearing them? *shudder*

2) I have never eaten banana that I can remember, banana flavouring is ick. Until a year ago, I couldn't touch one without gagging - but then Kai became addicted. I licked one last year when trying new fruit/veg every day for a week, but couldn't bring myself to nibble.

3) I haven't had my own room since I was 4. Shared with either my brother or sister until I moved out, straight into student slums with Sam. Now we are 6 in a bed. Having my own room would be a very odd experience.. I wonder if it'd echo??

4) I discovered my first 2 grey hairs last year, aged 25. I made a fuss.

5) I've had a provisional driving license for ten years now, but have still to book a lesson. Procrastinate? Me?

6) If I google image search my name (without filter on) the first few pictures are of my breasts. (and of my babies, but still.. made me laugh).

7) I am one of the thousands of women who got caught up in the Twilight craze. Bought the dvd last year then read the books in a week. Looking forward to DVD release in a few weeks and the 3rd film this summer!

And the fun part! If you've had this award already, I'm sorry. I did check to see you hadn't blogged it. Don't feel you need to do anything about this - just want to give you a cyber pat-on-the-back =)

There are so many more wonderful bloggers I could have included, a lot of them had already been nominated. These seven womens names jumped out at me as I looked at my blogroll. All have been a source of particular help in keeping me motivated.

Alice has an inspirational story. To have lost the amount she has (nearly 120lbs!!) while at Uni is amazing. I remember the amount of social eating and drinking, never mind the late nights and exam cramming that lead to a food-fest!

Bryher just celebrated her 1st anniversary at goal. She's lost 7 stone and I LOVE her blog. It's one I read from start to finish when I found it, and makes me excited to stay on track.

Joania grabbed 2009 by the horns and made it hers! I love the zest and energy of her blogging. She's laid it all out for people to keep tabs on her and BOY it's working. So close to her 101lbs off now.

Kimberlina has just returned to blogland and weightwatchers after a few months off and a few lbs on. Being in the same position I can sympathise, and recognise her bravery in stepping back up to the line. We can do this. =)

Lyn is amazing. If I had a counsellor I'd dump them and just read Lyn. Her posts are beautiful, eloquent musings on every aspect of weightloss. So often I find myself forgetting they are her thoughts and experiences and not my own. Beautiful woman.

Sara is one of the first WL bloggers I remember bumping into when I really began to blog in december 08. She's kept tabs on me when I've needed it, sent boosting comments and emails, and has lost 2.5 stone herself. Now she's expecting her first baby. *squee*

Solveig is my real life friend from when we lived in Leicester. She's now moved back to Norway, and us to London. She's done an amazing job of getting her eating sorted while juggling work and motherhood. I loves ya mama. xx

Right, going to track you all down and let you know what I've done. Muahaha


  1. Aw, thank you so much Joy, you've made my day with this award :)
    Glad to see you back on here and I really wish you all the best! Also I will probably soon be asking you for breastfeeding tips as well as baby sling tips - I seem to recall you being a bit of an expert :)

  2. I've nominated you too, over on my blog and yes you do deserve it!

  3. Thank you so much honey! I really appreciate it :) Lovely to be recognised and i think you do such a fab job with this blog too! Alice xx

  4. Awww thank you for the nomination! That's really sweet of you. I'm still procrastinating over going back to meetings but am still trying with the weight loss. You are looking amazing! A real inspiration xxxx

  5. Ohhh thank you so much! That is so sweet what you said about me. You made my day!