Monday, February 01, 2010

10lbs in 7 days..

not too shabby. Am now back where I was at the start of January last year. Just 11lbs more until I am back out of obesity, phew.

Really feeling good about doing this again, and back in my trousers (phew) rather than stuck in joggers every day.

Today also marks 1 month without chocolate, or anything with chocolate flavour. My New Years resolution was to not eat chocolate until my BMI was under 25. I can't wait!!!


  1. OMG, 10lbs off in a week. That's just fantastic. No wonders why you're feeling good. What a great start. Keep at it x

  2. That is marvellous, well done!

  3. Have been popping in every so often to see if you've posted and just I've found that you're back. Well done on the great weight loss this week, keep it up and keep posting (PLEASE) as you've such a good inspiration for me.