Sunday, February 07, 2010

Aha, tracking on the go.

Just found an app, iWatchr, for tracking on the move. That's going to make things easier! I have my point allowance each day, and if I don't know the point valued, then I can input cals and sat fats instead. Ossum.

Stuck to a very low point day yesterday, to balance the very high one the day before. Feeling a bit nervy of weigh in this week. After such a massive loss last week, I'm certain that it's going to be very unlikely to have another loss this week. I really hope I'm wrong.

Had a session on the Wii fit + yesterday - so much fun. Love how easy it is to switch between players. We all had a good giggle doing rhythm Kung Fu and blundering through Obstacle course. Took it down to my parents' last night and near wet myself laughing watching my mum and dad flap about on Birds eye Bulls eye.

Aiming to so another 30mins today - will make 5/7 doing 30mins Wii fit. As well as the last run for week 2 of c25k.

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  1. I posted a commentr on your blog about iwatchr ages ago!!!! Fab isn't it?