Wednesday, February 17, 2010

disjointed, but trying

trying to post something readable, and trying to stick to the plan. Not easy when very ill and suffering migraine.

On the way home from weigh in on Monday I realised something was up with my right eye, it was watering and itching like mad, but I assumed a cat-person must have been at fat club. It got worse through the day, by Monday night I was stuffed up totally on the right side of my face.

Tuesday I woke to streaming eye and nose, and itchy sore ear and throat, all on the right side. The kids have all had a cold and tummy bug, Sam was off work with it for a few days last week, but I thought I'd had it over the last fortnight. Bathed my eye out in wondermilk (really thankful that I have happy feeding toddlers to keep the supply up!) and within an hour it was a lot better. Then the head hit. From 4pm yesterday until around the same hour today, I couldn't move without shrieking in pain, couldn't see, couldn't speak.. yup, classic migraine.

The kids were fab at giving me space, and hung out with Sam from when he got in at 7.30, until close to midnight. Then today I've stayed hidden in bed, with the girls popping in and out to nurse, and spending time playing with their daddy, who's attempting to work a bit from home.

The diet is still limping along. Have gone over on points tonight, but nothing major. Exercise has NOT happened. My whole body feels bruised, can barely stand/sit without support. So am going to have to play catch up once I'm healthy again.

Have had to cancel a few get togethers we had planned this weekend, knowing that I'll crash and burn if I push myself. Am trying to realise this as the adult, sensible decision it is, rather than feeling like a wimp!


  1. Oh poor you! Take good care of yourself, and feel better soon.

  2. Oh no how rotten :( I hope you're feeling yourself and back on track soon (((hugs)))

  3. Hi Joy, How are you doing?