Tuesday, February 02, 2010

keeping the ball rolling

So last week was pretty fantastic. Enjoyed my food, which was all on track and wheat free. Exercised each day for 30mins, including 3 runs for C25K week one. Went from being too bloated to fit into any of my clothes, having instead to borrow joggers from the husbeast.. to back into my 14s.

Obviously I am not expecting to lose another 10lbs this week (I mean, if I could I wouldn't grumble, but yeah..) but I know that if I keep up the level of motivation, and act on it, I could see another chunk off by next Monday. I have around a stone to lose to be back to an 'overweight' BMI, I want to get that gone by the end of the month. Four weeks to lose 14lbs? I look at my weight loss last year and know that it's attainable.

Have taped up copies of my 'before' pictures, onto kitchen cupboards at eye level, as an extra motivator. Hopefully if this scary lady catches my eye as I open the fridge, I will only make good choices!!

Have spent a little extra on myself this week. Spent a bit more time - for exercising and doing the little pampering jobs that can totally change how I feel about myself inside 15mins. It is nearlyimpossible to feel totally disgusting and worthless after treating myself to a bubble bath, painting my nails. de-fuzzing, treating my skin to a proper cleanse/tone/moisturise or doing my hair. I have also spent a bit more money on my food. Bought some wheat replacement type foods.. crumpets, sliced bread, and lemon cookies. Also some me-friendly snacks, (popcorn, dried fruit, nuts and seeds) on top of the usual wheat-laden stuff that the others eat.

In total I probably spent £12 and 7-8 hours on me this week. Seeing as the familys weekly outgoings are 50 times that amount, and the other 160+ hours I was totally available for everyone else, I don't *think* that I'm being too unreasonable to expect to carry on doing it!

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