Wednesday, February 10, 2010

late nights and busted points..

are to be expected with young children I guess. My brood are poorly, hyper, snotty nosed and with bugs in their tummies. Fun.

Today, the husbeast decided he was very extremely not well too. (Yes, waaay too much 'Charlie and Lola' watched here) So I had him and the eldest whimpering, needing attention, food and hugs. Obviously both have man flu, on top of whatever else the rest of us have suffered. Good thing I had this bug a week ago then.

After wiping noses and playing chef all morning, I saw my chance to duck out, and so I did. Into Croydon to run errands, and do some supermarket shopping on the way back. Oh, and to see Avatar... *chuckle* I was in no hurry to get back to the sickpit!

Downside of seeing wowsa spectacular movie is the pick n mix fudge. I had 'just' 200g in my bag, not even 1/5th full!! I knew I'd already had 10 points, so figured that was my day done, by 1.30pm. Oops.

Still, after doing shopping and clocking up 1.5-2 hours walk, I figured it'd at least balance. Was really relieved to discover my mad moment only cost 15 points. 

So, a light evening of apple, yoghurt and snack a jacks and a quick 15mins on the Wii, and I thought the babies would need me to get to sleep. Yet here I am, still. 1am, babies awake. Bluddy colds. Have resorted to a double Baileys, hoping it'd either knock them out in my milk, or at least chill me out so I don't care. Figure it's already Wednesday, so I haven't busted my points.. !

Need to crack on with week 3 of c25k tomorrow. Am a tad nervous at the jump to 3 minute intervals, but trust it'll work. Today I only did 15mins Wii, but did 1hr1min yesterday, and have earnt a total of 7.5 points two days anyway.  

Mon,  Feb. 08, 2010
..Oat clusters and dried strawberries 5pts.
..Vanilla low fat yoghurt 1pts.
..Gluten free pasta 50g 2.5pts.
..Tuna 70g 1pts.
..Mix veg 50g .5pts.
..Extra light Mayo .5pts.
..Granola  5.5pts.
..Free from hot cross bun 3pts.
..Sunflower Spread 1pts.
..Salad sandwich 5.5pts.
..Omelette 1pts.
..Apple .5pts.
..Toffee yoghurt 1.5pts.
..Snack a jacks 1.5pts.

Total: 26.5pts. (minus 3.5 bonus points)

Tue,  Feb. 09, 2010
..Oat crunch 3.5pts.
..Yoghurt vanilla  .5pts.
..Gluten free bread 1.5pts.
..Egg 1.5pts.
..Corned beef 3pts.
..Pick n mix200g 15pts.
..Snack a jacks 3pts.
..Yoghurt 1.5pts.
..Apple .5pts.

Total: 26.0pts. (minus 4.0 bonus points)

...and the Baileys did the trick. Sleeping babies. Hope I can get everyone to bed and grab some kip before the next child needs running to the bathroom!!


  1. Thank you for posting about the iwatchr.. Fantastic and so flipping cheap.... Ive already started using it.. :)

  2. Lol, my mum told me she used to have a glass of brandy when she was breastfeeding me and wanted me to sleep through the night... definitely a trick I'm keeping in mind for when the time comes ;)