Monday, February 08, 2010

Oh, to be back in my 'still fat' clothes..

Have gone through my wardrobe today and finally got honest with myself about how much weight I have/had put on since last summer.

I remember my size 12 jeans being baggy, I know somewhere I have a picture of me fitting into size 10 jeans, and knowing that with just 7lbs to my weightwatchers goal of a 24.9 BMI, I would very definately be back to a size 10 for good - meaning the huge haul of clothing I lovingly collected in my college days would fit again (yays)

Here's those 'baggy' 12s now

Hmm, yes. I was still squeezing into them at the start of November - weighing just 3lbs less than now. I was careful to wear them only when out, taking them off as soon as I got in, as I knew once they were washed I'd not get them back on!

So, I did know what was happening. I also remember looking down while feeding the girls one night in December, seeing my middle and knowing *knowing* where I was headed. Quickly put my head back in the sand though.

I could use loads of energy being cross and sulking about messing up, or I can recognise where I went right. Still 29lbs under my start weight, straight back into tracking, blogging and moving. I've held my hands up and gotten back to it. I'm working through why I eat chaotically, rather than just trying to suppress it.

I have only clothes that fit *right now* in my wardrobe. As soon as something is a little big on, I will charity shop it. No room for kidding myself. Soon, very soon, all of these clothes that fit a few skinny months ago - they'll fit again!

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  1. Go for it Joy, I'm sure you'll get those 12s done up before too long!!