Thursday, February 04, 2010

The only part of my outfit that fits..

the rest of my planned clothing is still too small! Have the confirmation email, and set up a justgiving page. Now 5 months to drop 3 stone and complete the c25k!!


  1. Hey just found your blog... So happy I did. Im a new mom and breastfeeding still.. Im 8 months in now.. Yikes. Im also trying to drop some pounds. I just started a blog about my weight loss as well....Cheers

  2. Ooooh, cool goal!

    I was considering entering the Race for Life again this year, but seriously don't even have the pennies to register :o(

    Loving the hair!!


  3. You look fabulously punky! Your whole outfit is definitely the most interesting one I've come across as slimming incentive. Good luck with all your goals.