Monday, February 15, 2010

ReLENTless - Easter 2010

Tomorrow is all planned out. Promised the halflings mountains of pancakes and playing. Time for fun, fun, fun. Then ash Wednesday marks the start of Lent. As well as cleaning up after our day of fun and food, I'll be kicking off a relentless 40 day burst of weight loss wonderousness.

Easter Monday 2010 is Monday 5 April, 7 weeks away. By then I aim to have shed another 21lbs. Averaging 3lbs a week. I could aim for 14lbs, but I wanna PUSH. I know I can do it, and if I don't achieve it? What's the harm in trying? I'm not going to get hung up on results on the scales *as long as I've been putting the work in* the results WILL be there in some shape or form.

My Wii piggy has just turned silver. Another 20 hours and it'll go gold. If I do 30 mins each day I'll have my gold piggy ready for April.

I'm starting on week 4 of c25k this week, by week 9 I should be running 5k. Even if I have to redo a week somewhere between now and then, I should hit that goal by Easter also.

It's all there, ready for the taking. In 40 days I could be less than 20lbs to goal, able to run 5k AND boasting that gold piggy (oh, goal of goals!) 

So - am giving myself these aims for the next 40-something days - 

Weigh 159.5lbs / 11st 5.5lbs for Easter
No chocolate
Clock 20 hours on the Wii fit (average of 1/2 hr a day will be more than enough)
Complete c25k

Monday 15th Feb - starting weight 180.5lbs
Monday 22nd Feb
Monday 1st Mar
Monday 8th Mar
Monday 15th Mar
Monday 22nd Mar
Monday 29th Mar
Monday 5th Apr

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