Thursday, February 11, 2010

Run, fat girl, run.

My kids are all shnotty. It's not just a cold, but some kind of tummy bug too. The husbeast is off too, doing the usual man-flu routine. Much, much fun. I have felt better, but honestly, how I feel now is still so much better/healthier than I did 2 weeks ago! I was eating enough to be putting on an average of 2-3lbs a week, not exercising, leaving the house only to pop down the road to the shops for food, or to see my mum.

I admitted to Sam yesterday how bad things were getting again. How I could no longer pretend it was OK. I'd been struggling in August anyway, chasing the same 5lbs up and down the scale, and up 10lbs from my lowest weight in July. I had just begun to get on top of it again, on returning from Leicester when Sam was made redundant. He found a new job a month later, only to have his UC flare a week after starting. He was home, without sick pay, for 2 months, before he went back to the office, although this flare was over, his meds were not keeping him in remission, and so we wait for treatment that actually improves his quality of life. He was obviously not going to pass probation at the new office. I was so, so worried.

Then a minor miracle, he found a recruitment consultant looking for applicants in his field, called them in the morning, had an interview with the company head in the afternoon. The next morning he had a job offer. The company he was with breathed a sigh of relief at not having to fire him, and he got gardening leave for 2 weeks in January before starting his new position. He already seems happier there than he has in any other job since we moved to Leicester.

The boys assessments are calming down. Malachi has made huge improvements. Where he was assessed before Christmas to be at a level of under 12months old for development across the board, he is now at a 2yr level. Yes, he just turned 3, but a leap like that is amazing! The consultant is talking about diagnosing Seth with ASD, like I should be surprised. We've been offered several therapies and a place at special needs nursery for them. My resolve to HE is only strengthened after hearing from both SALT and portage how amazed they are at both the boys progress at home. *grin*

So, things are feeling a little less scary, I am in a good place to get myself firmly back to looking after myself, rather than wallowing, And boy, have I!

Running, I wish I had really pushed myself to continue last year. Running is bliss. I am only on week 3 of the C25K, but last nights run pushed me hard (I ran uphill, in the snow) and it felt GOOD. Now the babies are toddlers, and I can leave the 4 of them with their dad for an hour in the evening, I can look forward to that time as a means of escapse/thrashing out any stress, rather than eating it!

The shin pain I have had each run so far was almost nonexistant last night, instead my lower calves/ankles felt it! Imagine it's just my legs getting used to being used so much. In any case, I was not longing for the voice to say 'walk' nearly so much as I had been, just loved the feel of moving, and being free. Using my body PROPERLY. Fab. =)


  1. It's lovely to see all the pieces of the jigsaw falling into place again for you. The way you talk about running makes it sound like a wonderful release rather than a chore.

    I didn't realise you were in Leicester - I am now just down the A47 from you in Uppingham, and have in fact just spent the morning in Fosse Park doing my own stress release therapy. :D

  2. Ahh, Fosse Park =D.

    We are no longer in Leicester, lived in the city centre between 04 and 08, but moved 'home' to G.London a year ago =)