Tuesday, February 02, 2010

So, it's February

that must mean it's time to think pink. I've been shopping and bought some essentials... (the wig, not some poor girls head!)

Yup, it's Race For Life entry time!!

After walking last years, we said this year we'd jog it. I will not be tandem carrying the twins, aside from the fact that it would be cruel torture to my legs to run under all the weight (like they are now) and that it'd mean not dressing up as easily, it's not safe to run when carrying a baby! Hello, shaken baby syndrome.

Hoping that they, and the boys, will come along to watch and picnic afterwards though (sunshine, please? Unlike last years bizarre late July rainstorm).

Doing the Hyde park event again, as it is in July, giving my sister a chance to sit her finals without a 5km in the middle.

Just need to get myself down to the right size now. Have bought everything in a 10, should be easy to do inside 5 months. Really has given me a boost to get this C25K done, and stay running regularly.

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