Monday, February 15, 2010

Wasn't christened as a babe,

and so this is the first time I've had a silver piggy.

Did another 1.5 hour slog on the Wii fit tonight when Sam got back from the gym (and so entertained the halflings) getting me past the 20 hour mark..

Has been a good day, despite there being creme eggs and nutella in my house, and diet, today. All going after pancakes tomorrow, then am back choc free for Lent! Stuck to points by making a batch of yummy butternut squash and bacon soup - a HUGE bowl is just 1 point.

On top of the Wii activity and the 25mins walk this morning, I finally got back to the challenges I began last summer.

Completed the 200 squats last June, but wasn't sure how I'd manage on an exhaustion test today. Chucked a Muse album on and went for it. Hit a wall at about 85, but pushed for a hundred. By the time I got there I'd found my second wind. Finished at 210, quite pleased and with jelly knees.

Then I got back to the 100 pushups. Did the initial test and managed 15 before realising that over 11 meant going straight to column 3 anyway. Dove right in and completed day 1. 45 pushups.

I feel my body deserves pampering today.. shame that's not going to happen really..

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