Monday, February 08, 2010

week 76 - a surprise loss

So, made everyone breakfast, sorted laundry and got the house awake for the day. Decided I may as well take the chance to do a body test on the Wii, to know for sure what my weight was in the morning.

And it was 2lbs off from last weeks weight. Yippee! Had been preparing myself for a STS, or even a small gain after the huge loss last week. But no. Even having 31 points (and going over a couple of days) I am losing.

Down to 181lbs this week, means I've lost all the flab gained over December and January in a fortnight, nice work. Also means I'm down a stone bracket, so back to 20 points (+10 for tandem feeding the milk monsters).

Loving the iWatchr app. Saw that Bryher has been using it for a while (which I totally missed reading while I was hiding from blogging) and has been exporting her tracker. Going to attempt to do that this week.

12lbs to go until my BMI is back under 30, can't believe I let myself get this big again. Still, I know I can do this. Easy on, easy off? I hope so!

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