Thursday, June 24, 2010

4 months

Things that have happened
  • eldest turned five
  • twins turned two
  • boys are discharged from SALT and portage (though both still eligible, they are happier without)
  • youngest has had measles
  • have finally stood down from draining volunteer job that wasn't being done properly, meaning I can go to bed before 2am.
  • have booked a holiday (whoop)
  • have been to gigs (and have more in pipeline)
Things that have not happened
  • weight loss
  • training for 5k
  • being wheat free
  • being able to fit into 98% of my clothing
So, yeah.

Weighed myself on the Wii yesterday, after dusting it off, plugging the balance board in, recharging the balance board battery pack, etc etc.

It was not good. Very not good. Travel back in time by 18months not good.

Am making big decision to NOT do Weightwatchers for a bit. I know it works and love the plan, but my head cannot cope with the tracking and pointing and weighing and doing it all again, all over again.

I really NEED to get moving though, so I'm going to use Slimfast (blugh) to get myself back on track. Used it before, for a couple months pre wedding. While working fulltime and doing first year of Uni and planning a wedding, it was simple and not time-eating. In 2-3 months I lost 35+lbs, and went from 11.5 stone to under 9.

Have Race for Life in under 4 weeks, then Holiday at Center Parcs (read - swimming cossie) in less than 10 weeks.

Can barely run for 3 minutes straight at the moment, so going to run every other day and hope to jog/woggle the 5k in Hyde Park. Last year we got round in under an hour, but I was wearing the babies, and walking. So regardless I should beat my previous time!

Did first day on Slimfast yesterday, according to the MyFitnessPal App on the iPhone, I need to be taking in around 1200 cals a day (assuming I'm doing typical housewifely days, with 3/4 runs a week) to be losing weight. BUT it didn't ask me about how many halflings I'm lactating for (weightwatchers 1, other dieting programs 0) so 1200 is going to be on the low end! No idea how much each takes, but they still feed several times a day as well as through the night. Will see how I manage in the first week and adjust from there.

Day 1 intake was 1228.


  1. Good to see you back even if the wieght loss has not been happening. Please keep logging on and posting, you've been missed. Like the new look. I re-started my weight loss this week (after loosing 24lb last year and putting it all back on plus more, and gone from running for 30 mins three time a week to nothing). Look forward to hearing from you again soon xx

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