Thursday, June 24, 2010

c25k again. Because my couch is magnetic.

While the kids were playing outside I spent a while poking about the blog. Eek I left it in a mess. Like coming home from holiday and realising you left food in the fridge, or the rubbish in the bin, or something.

Have cleaned up a little now, and things are ready for me to start again, almost.

Should be fairly obvious that I did NOT meet my Easter goals. If I had I'd be like this

But really I'm more like this

so it's time to get things moving again. BUT, slowly. None of this 'I'm gonna rule the universe' crap. No wii extreme challenge, shred, run and learn Japanese while I do it..

I'm going to start, and complete the c25k program. I've run the week 1 for the third time. I plan to run every other night so that come next month I can give the race for life a decent go. That is all. No challenges, no schedules. Just me, my shoes and the pavement.

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  1. Good to see you back Joy! I've been at a standstill weight-wise latly, so shall attempt to get back on track with you :) Good luck with the running!