Friday, June 25, 2010

calorie counting.. ouch

Eeeek, I'm hungry. So glad I'm going for a run tonight as it means extra calories. Planning to splurge them on a couple of ryvita and an apple, nom. *eyeroll* Could be worse, least it's not the weasel belt.

Taking biggest halfling with me as he's going loopy with being stuck in (as I'm still keeping child-yet-to-have-measles in quarantine for 2 weeks) and plotting to do our run around the local nature reserve, make use of having a space like it!

Having to input my activity into MyFitnessPal, and not knowing how fast I run is a pain. Looking for some new trainers anyway, as my feet have shrunk (yes, that's correct, shrunk. Happened when my periods returned, odd huh??) and have a discount code to use in the next week for new running shoes. Yay, pink Lunarglides here I come! So, anyway, came across the Nike+ stuff. Looks like it could do the job. Have the 3GS, Lunarglides are Nike+ 'ready' so I'm going to chuck a sensor onto my order, will be free considering the discount.

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  1. Im so glad you are back and blogging again! I really enjoy your blog. Good luck getting back on track and with your Race For life - im doing one in 2 weeks too, eek, im a daft sod and signed up for 10k instead of 5 thinking it'd be easy - ooops! xx