Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ouch, ouch, *&%*ing ouch

day 3/4 withdrawal has hit. After binge eating every other day, it's hit hard. No wheat, lots of water, average 1200 cals a day. Ouch.

Started yesterday morning, and knew I could expect some nasty symptoms. Felt fine while running, but last night I was groggy and felt totally wiped out. Woke at 4am in agony and couldn't get back to sleep, also couldn't get comfy as hot girls are feeding lots in the heat.

Sam has had a beast of a wife today, tearful one moment, blaming him for all the troubles of the universe the next, then being totally normal for long enough that he can relax, only to start again as soon as he takes a breath.

Realise I hadn't been getting enough, breastfeeding the girls I'm still using around 500 cals a day, maybe more. Leaving me 700 to function with? Urm, no. So I cooked myself a batch of granola and had it over icecream. Took my avereage calorie intake over the last 4 days to 1400.

In the last hour, the headache has shifted. Phew. Made it through. Was SO close to baking something sugar and wheat filled after the codeine/paracetomal/ibuprofen didn't work.

Looking forward to weighing on Wednesday and seeing how the slimfast has done. I am enjoying the ease of use, not enjoying the lack of actual food!!

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