Thursday, July 22, 2010

25 minutes!!!

Did week 6 day 3 of the c25k plan today. After the huge endorphin crazed 'I can do anything' post run rush of Tuesday wore off, doubts have been creeping in.

Was it a fluke?

Am I actually moving at anything like a jogging pace, or just falling forwards for half an hour 3-4 times a week?

OK, so I managed 20, but 25?

Really, how likely is it than an obese person is going to manage this plan? One size fits all doesn't fit the obese, I know that much..

Since my sister has been back home (living down the road with parents) we've been running together. She was meant to be out tonight, so we had arranged to go for next run on Friday, and try the 20 again, as we both hit walls halfway through and didn't feel hugely confident we'd finish. There was a lot of high fiving and celebratory shuffles on the cooldown walk after we both finished the 20 and realised what we'd done.

Was still doing the morning routine, pre breakfast, when I got a text asking if tonight would still be ok for me, being chirpy and full of can-do first thing, I reckoned we should go for the 25mins. She sounded a little less certain more awake. By the time I was fuelled up and conscious I was glad she'd said it. By this evening I was fairly convinced that I'd struggle to complete 20, and totally flake on trying the 25.
Reasoned that it was OK. I *am* still 50lbs over the top of the healthy weight range for my height, running at all is awesome. My shoes are a bit off now, sizewise, and I need to be careful. We have been running a lot, and I've gone from not being able to run 60 seconds in a row without going beet red, stitches in my sides and struggling to maintain pelvic floor integrity, to running 20mins inside 5 weeks. As long as I'm not going backwards, it'd be OK.

Then I read Jack Sh*ts latest.. everything there was fab, but the first 3 had me spluttering at the screen. Yes, yes, OK. I know. Resolved to attempt the 25mins, I could always stop at 20 if I needed to anyway.

Then while getting ready this evening and putting on my new joggers (back into 16s now, no borrowing Sams gym pants to run in) and had Sam take a pic of me in them. Looking at the photos I realised I had to push myself or I was going to be stuck, obese and standing still. My mornings good intentions needed to turn into a good workout. I needed to plan my route for 25minutes running. My body is a lot stronger than I credit it with. I am in control of what I'm doing with the running, and I'm worth making the effort for. (Thanks Jack)

So I set my app for the next run - and we ran it. And it wasn't easy, it hurt, I sweat buckets and clashed with my pink hair and made awful grunting sounds along to Florence on the iPod. It was not as mentally challenging as the last run had been, I told myself I could do this. I wanted it. I imagined my silhouette in 6 months time, I imagined running for 10k and loving the feeling. My body was being pushed to perform, and my legs hurt, but they are getting stronger and stronger. I had hydrated properly beforehand and there was no stitch in my side. We ran at just over 5mph for 25 minutes. Another 10 minutes running and we'll be running 5k. That is cool.


  1. A lot of running is mind over matter. Fact.

    If you set your mind on a target, you will achieve it. There will always be days when it's a struggle and sometimes you'll fail but more often than not, it's all in the head. I like your positivity.

  2. I've had a very similar experience to yours with the running, except I can't say for sure how many weeks it's taken me to go from hardly being able to jog 1 minute to being able to jog for 35 minutes last time I tried it! The thing is I haven't really attempted running on any scale at all since I was a kid so I started out just with long walks and bike rides until I got it into my head that perhaps I could try to run a little too! I've had no schedule or plan at all, just slowly trying out what my body is capable of, often very surprised that it can do more than I thought it could! Like Badger said there with mind over matter I can honestly say that even though I've been tired at the end of my runs it has really been my mind that has told me that "surely I've had enough now?" I know that if pushed I could have run longer and maybe faster. As it is I'm quite slow but I'm thankful I can run at all as for me the problem has been that I get a pain in my shins if I run even 500 meters. Trying out a more forefoot running style seems to have helped though, I can at least jog slowly. Still a bit scared to try out higher speeds though..
    Anyway, what I really wanted to say was that I can imagine some of what you're going through and I think you're doing great! :)