Friday, July 02, 2010

back in the groove

Day 10 now, back on the wagon / in the saddle / out of the fridge / off the sofa. Feels comfy again, doable, livable. I like this feeling.

Am sat with the halflings in the garden as they eat their lunch, and I drink mine.

Thought I may as well try a shake flavour other than 'rich chocolate'. The chocolate one us tolerable, as long as you down in in one and try to pretend the powdery fake aftertaste of bleurgh is all in your imagination :/

It HAS to be blended, not shaken to mix. Shaken = a blobby, frothy, thin, lukewarm shake with bits of cloggy powder undissolved through it. *shudders at the memory*

The smell has been reminding me of the artificial formula milks the boys had as babies. Truly cringe worthy. Anyway, like I said, downed quickly the taste is tolerable. And as I shiver and recover from the overwhelming aftertaste I remind myself that these shakes are providing me with loads of Vitamins and Minerals for few calories, and that on attempting to follow the calorie plan without the shakes I felt hungry and suffered bad bouts of low blood sugar - very drowsy late afternoon. Couldn't drag myself out to run that day either.

So, back to point. Last night I suddenly realise that once I finish the 3 chocolate tubs, I have one each of strawberry and latte to use. What if they're worse???!! That means 12 days of nearly vomiting twice a day. Ugh.

So I figured I'd try one new flavour now, and spread the pain out. Lots of little static shocks instead of falling onto a live line..

Cafe Latte was a good way to start the day?

Well, it certainly smelt of latte - so I blended it up. Noticed that it blended FAR more easily than the chocolate, and stayed thick and shake like - promising.

Went to down it in one, and couldn't - it was too thick. Waited for nasty aftertaste and there was none. Just tasted like, well, latte. Win!

So now I'm enjoying my second latte of the day - iced. And seriously contemplating going back to my prekids diet of coffee for breakfast every day! ;)


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  1. Hey Joy, I'm "shakin'" too. Back on the liquid diet because I gained back 40 pounds of the 85 I'd lost. It sucketh big time. Keep up the great work.

  2. I haven't been here to visit in a while, but wanted to say HELLO! again ^_^

    So, hello!