Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beacon Hill Cookies - and the baked stuff I haven't eaten

Been a slow day here, but a rare easy-going one. Long without dragging, we've done nothing much, recovering from a busy week still. Today has been a no shower, fresh faced, tee and joggers day. I needed one.

Kids have been content with books and crayons, fighting and screaming has been towards the lower end of the spectrum for much of the day. After breakfast they decided upon holding a tea party for their toys, and I took the chance to get on with deep cleaning the kitchen.
bring it on beacons...

While going through the cupboards I found the electric whisk gadget thing, which sparked the idea to try and make Beacon Hill cookies. I had a go last week, but failed. Eggs weren't nearly stiff enough and I ended up with a burnt puddle of chocolate egg goo stuck to greaseproof paper.

Chucked the chocolate over a pan to melt down while I cleaned the cupboards out, and then set to making them. I'd seen the recipe on 'Cook Yourself Thin' on Channel Four, and really thought they would be a winner for me. I LOVE sweet chocolately nibbles, and do miss a packet couple of biscuits and a cuppa during the day.

The fact that these were low cal enough that I could have one with cup of tea and be under 100 cals, that they were wheat free *and* real chocolate screamed my name. I tried the recipe last week with milk chocolate, caster sugar and raisins instead of nuts, and it was a bit rubbish. Grabbed some 70% Divine chocolate, fruit sugar and chopped hazelnuts at Sainsburys last night with the intention of trying again when I had time to spend an hour or five whisking eggs. I've been baking lots again this week, and always feel a bit left out when I watch the rest of the tribe guzzling goodies that I cannot. I'm not struggling, but to have something of my own at snacktime would cheer me up no end.

nom nom nom...
 So, when at 11am today I found my hand mixer (aha, that's it's name) I did a quick Chandler dance and got the bits together to make the noms. From turning on the mixer to cooling tray, they took 25 minutes. Had a minor eek when I realised I was out of paper, but put them in cases instead this time so they are more cakey than they otherwise might be. Made 18, so they worked out at 73 calories each. Same as a chocolate digestive, but a lot more indulgent and a wicked chocolate hit. Had 3 with a cuppa for mid afternoon pick me up, and it really, really did. Cost around £3 to make a batch of 18, which is under half of what I'd pay in the shops for gluten free snacks like these.

Very pleased with them, and having had some chocolate nibbles made resisting the glutton glutenfest of the remainder of my days baking, a lot easier! Made a cheesy lasagne for dinner, with marbled cupcakes for dessert. It all disappeared, so I assume it tasted as good as my eyes thought it would. Also avoided the masses of cakes baked for Sam to take into the office tomorrow. Finally back in the swing of cupcakes after having flukey time of it over the weekend. Every batch I made were just wrong.. he's reaping the benefits as I have my confidence back. Sending him in with a tub of Nutty Lemon and Marbled Chocolate & Vanilla.  
inhale, inhale, inhale.. no! Not through your mouth....

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