Monday, July 12, 2010


Have struggled over the weekend, not been on plan and determination crumbled at family BBQ today.

Still, I didn't go silly overboard. While I've eaten more than I should have - it's not been as bad as it could.

Also have kept on with running. Did week 5 day 2 today. Two 8min runs with 15 mins walking. My lower calves are stiff, but I am doing it. A bit nervous of the 20min run coming on Tuesday!!

Anyhow, back to the shakes tomorrow - and hoping for escaping being told off by the wii come Wednesday.

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  1. How often are you weighing on the wii Joy? I've not stood on mine for a while now, think I'm avoiding it...

  2. Oh I avoid mine too much *sigh* getting back in the habit of weighing weekly for now :)