Thursday, July 01, 2010

Coming out the other side the *right* way

so, things are still not okay. They won't be settled for at least another 2-3 months, and I'll share more once the dust is settled and I feel safe. The good news is we're all well, happy and in this together. ^_^

AND I did not binge. The urge to munch sugary baked stuff smothered in chocolate and caramel has faded anyway. Pretty fab. I also didn't binge in other ways (by spending money, or over exercising or doing some drastic body modification or any other manic/addict type behaviour).

How I coped:
  • I had a quiet ARGH here.
  • I then spoke to hubby.
  • I then went to visit my family and chatted it through with them.
  • I shared the news with a couple of good friends online and felt supported.
  • I ate good food, and kept hydrated.
  • I took the kids to the park.
  • I went for my run.
Simples. The advice I would give to anyone else in this situation. To talk it through lots and work through it/let out the negative emotions. To eat and drink well and get some air and exercise. To sit tight and let the strength of your human relationships pull you through.

And yes, I feel ok. The situation is ongoing, but my feelings of worry, stress, anger and sadness are resolved. Pretty fantastic. Even last year when I was doing brilliantly weight wise, my reactions to stress were nowhere near this healthy. Yay.

Today is a good day for feeling fresh and new and ready to tackle the bulge. There's half of 2010 left for the taking, and I know that I have the fire in my belly to grab this time and get healthy.

To enjoy moderate exercise in the form of running to get headspace and build strength in my body.
To eat well, to fuel my body with the things it needs to run well and efficiently.
To not be held captive by the effects of crappity eating, on my body, on my mental health and on my self esteem.

By losing around just over 2lbs a week, I will have a healthy BMI going into next year. That's awesome. The idea that my goal in 2011 could be to STAY healthy. Awesome.

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