Tuesday, July 06, 2010

day 13 - I'm not superstitious

Been AWOL over the weekend, but all is good diet-wise. Averaged about 1300cal/day over this week, which may be a touch on the low end, will see how weigh in goes tomorrow and adjust from there.

Feeling lots better already, back into some clothes that aren't joggers. I have 2 pairs of size 16s (sigh) I bought because I couldn't fit into anything - and I had thrown out everything over a 12 as I lost weight. When I couldn't even squish into them it became time to sort out the mess of the last year.

I am really enjoying the slimfast now, the plan and the ease of use more than the taste of the stuff!

Had a fun weekend, went to see the new Twilight film at the cinema. Planned for the day out and had saved 1500 calories up to 'spend' on lunch and munchies. Ended up eating a yummy mexicanchicken/3-bean pinto salad and granola with yoghurt for lunch and then buying a bar of Green and Blacks' Butterscotch (NOM) for munching through while gazing at sparkly vampires.

Also been doing a big clear out of the flat, really going through the scummy hidden corners and cleaning out. Can always tell how I'm doing with looking after myself by how I'm looking after our home..

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