Monday, July 26, 2010

a first for me..

*** Warning, there will be talk of female 'ishoos' ahead. I am female, I am fertile, I am blogging about my body and it's changes, this was bound to happen eventually....***

Often at Weightwatchers meetings I would hear the leader talking to a fellow member, advising them that their odd weeks result may well be due to their hormonal rhythms. I've read LOADS of blogs where a skewed weigh in has been blamed entirely on the arrival of a period. Though I've been dieting on and off since 19 I cannot remember ever having a period while dieting!

I was put on the hormonal pill by my GP at 15 or 16, to try and help with my very heavy periods caused by endometriosis. When I was losing weight pre-wedding I decided to come off them, also was fed up with the headaches they caused me. It took months for them to return after the disruption to my hormones, by which time I had lost the weight I wanted, and didn't pay any attention to monthly changes in weight if there were any.

After my first son I lost weight at a slow pace, and though my periods returned 3-4 months postpartum, I was dealing with postbirth issues that affected my eating more than my monthly visitor would have been! Several months after my second sons birth, when I started Weightwatchers (August 2007) my periods were haphazard, but I was losing weight at a steady rate. When after 5 weeks I didn't lose easily despite being on plan, I assumed it was due to my hormones changing. I was right, kinda. But it wasn't my fertility returning! Twins tend to make one bloat a little!

One huge bonus to breastfeeding the twins (and there are many, many of which I'm likely unaware) was the delay in my fertility returning. Couldn't last forever though (and nor would I want it to) and just before the girls' 2nd birthday I had a huge shock when I went to the bathroom one morning. And again 5 weeks later, they were back. Gah. But then, nothing. 12 weeks has passed and I have done two pregnancy tests during that time, but knew it was unlikely. Just my body slowly clicking back to normal.

This last week I've really felt on top of my eating/activity. Last night I was going to blog, but just couldn't keep my eyes open. I felt shattered. After being very restless and 'zingy' earlier in the evening I figured I was overtired and headed to bed before midnight. Woke this morning feeling tired, and was convinced I was getting ill. Spent the morning wanting to pick at everything, and out of nowhere had cravings for flour-type stuff. Got on the Wii to perk myself up, and felt a bit deflated seeing that I've only lost 2lbs. (I know, I know 2lbs is fab, but I have felt REALLY on fire and cut out wheat, and that usually means I drop lbs really fast).

And then I went to the bathroom. And everything fell into place. Maybe come Wednesdays weigh in I will have lost a significant amount, but if not I will keep in mind that I have heard countless women say that they have a week every month that is a hard-to-shift one, and this is mine.

Now just got to decide whether I'm up for running tonight. (And I also know now why my thighs were screaming 2 days ago!)

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  1. No reason not to - get to it! Grrrawwrr!!!!