Monday, July 26, 2010

I went

got a bit brave, and decided as I'm going to be achey tomorrow anyway, I might as well do the run tonight. Finally found my lungs were coping the whole route, even though my legs were struggling more than normal. Nice drizzle helpled as we took a new, hilly route.

Good and sweaty at the end! Was pleased to have bit the bullet and gone, though my legs really felt stiff and my pace was a bit slower than last time, there's no way I ever would have gone running during my period before, so it's a real mini success for me in changing my habits and how I see my body. 'Treating' myself to some fresh air and exercise, strengthening my body, rather than 'comforting' it with calorie laden goodies and resting it on the sofa.

On a kind of unrelated note, I felt quite lightheaded earlier on today, and quickly realised that I'd only had 500mls water by mid afternoon. Though only 2 weeks ago that would be totally normal for me, my body is expecting better already. Out of interest I checked my blood pressure. It's usually nice and low, around 100/60 is normal for me, so I wasn't surprised to see the result. After drinking more fluids it returned to normal. Had suffered from low pressure symptoms a few times before, now I'm wondering how often I was simply dehydrated!!

Going to really keep on top of the fluids thing now, drank 14 glasses today and feel great.


  1. Oh yeay - go you!
    I'm so glad you still went, and hehe - you know what I mean about the stiffness now huh? Keep following my pattern and you'll experience jelly-legs after the next run - I haven't had that since the early weeks!

  2. Jelly legs? Eeek, I'm always terrified I'll end up tripping and kissing the pavement! Will let you know if my cyber copycat powers work in a couple of days, lol.

  3. Hi Joy, I just wanted to let you know that I have refound you and am so glad to see you are back on track (and doing well with the running too)! Glad to see you again.