Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I. Will. Not. Binge

Ugh, I hate this. Totally normal and I know it will pass but yuck. Taken the kids to the park with my sister and her boyfriend. We had fish n chips picnic (my portion was calorie counted and gluten free - I loves my local chippy). Have been gently active all day and on my 10th glass of water as of now, 5.30pm.

But my abdomen is BLOATED and so so sore. Each of the kids seen to be on a mission to annoy me, and my straw is so short, I woke up barely clutching the end of it. I am touched out and want to hide under my duvet until my uterus is done throwing a hissy fit and allows my belly to fit back into my jeans without aching.

How badly I want to munch all the chocolate buttons I just gave the kids, or anything really. Instead I am hiding in the bathroom pretending to be 'busy' rather than throw children from my path as I dive headfirst into their snacktime.

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  1. lol been there done that, lets hope today is better for you