Friday, July 16, 2010

It's *that* weekend

and I'm so, so ready to move past it.

This weekend sees me doing 5k Race for Life on Sunday, followed by the annual 'breastfeeding picnic' on Monday. Last year I had lost 74lbs, and from that Monday onwards I'd been gaining. Somewhere in my head I had wanted to get back to the 148lbs by the same events this year. Without dropping 3 stone overnight, that's not going to happen. I don't want it enough to cut my legs off, and I'd run a pretty poor 5k in that state anyway.

I did the Hyde Park 5k last year in 59minutes, carrying the twins - this year I weigh an extra 40 odd lbs, but I'm going to jog, and better my time. Ha.

Last year I went to the picnic with 3 of my kids, and had a natter. This year I'm taking the whole family, going to bake some cakes (of which I shall eat none!) and have emailed my MP.

I'm fatter, but I'm fitter and *doing* more.

Did week 6 day 1 of c25k last night, alone, 4.15k in 33mins. Not shabby considering I've only been back running for less than a month. Aiming to complete the 5k in 45mins on Sunday. Obviously not going to fit the size 10 outfit I'd bought back in February, when I should have been doing what I am now.. so am going to wear the fairy dress I got to go see Hole in May. Chuck a sports bra underneath, it'll do, lol!

 Another good day today. On track, took kids to park, did cleaning of kitchen without rummaging for snacks and baked LOADS of muffins and cookies for the tribe to snack on over the weekend (as I won't be here to fix grub other than main meals) without scoffing any. Wahey :)


  1. How do you do it Joy? Avoid the food I mean? I just can't seem to help it, and I can't remember how :(

  2. Hmm, well, I don't always. As you can see... *ahem*

    I guess for me, it's a case of knowing I have to be at one extreme or other. Either I eat none, or I eat all. Knowing myself, and really acknowledging that I do not have the control to stop once started, means that really, I know it's don't even sniff it, or be morbidly obese for the rest of my (much shortened if I carry on like that) life.

    I'd like to say everything in moderation, but I've not managed that yet...