Sunday, July 25, 2010

just keep on keeping on...

wrote the last post on my phone as I fell asleep last night, took me 20 minutes as I was So. Tired. Great sleep though - 8 hours. Think keeping properly hydrated is going to be a habit I want to keep up.

It's been a month since my latest 'reboot' and I'm still here, at least 15lbs down, and the momentum is building. I'm feeling good, really good. Not manic like I was last year, pushing myself too fast, too hard, and then falling short and gaining. Steady, lifelong changes. Controlled calories, running every other day, staying hydrated. It's working.

I had to really push myself hard to get back here, to blog again, to weigh myself. Now, after 31 days, it's easier. I'm enjoying it and feeling quietly confident in my ability to keep it up. Not for forever, just for the rest of my life...

Had a good day today. Went to see the new Karate Kid at the cinema, (side note, Jaden Smith was amazing) and munched happily on a big 100g bar of Green & Blacks Butterscotch, 529 calories and so, so worth it. Drank my water, kept inside my calories and just enjoyed a day 'off' without 'treating' myself with food. My sister wasn't up for running tonight, but I knew I couldn't slack off, even by one day. That's how it falls apart. So I went alone, and ran week 7 day 1 and ENJOYED it. 25minutes straight, no-one to keep me focused but myself. Totally awesome. Covered 3.7km in that time, another 9 minutes at the same pace and that'll be my 5k. *does celebratory toe wiggle*


  1. *whoot!* Woohoo! Felling good for ya Joy :)

    Can I ask a question? How do you strike the balance between hydrated enough for a run and peeing yourself halfway?
    And do you take water with you? My pain is that the water is under the buggy, so I have to pause to get a sip. Then I have to wrestle Robin for it, as he has an obsession with bottles... *sigh*

  2. Trying to drink a good 1/2 litre about 45mins before we leave, and empty the bladder just before we go.

    I don't take any with me. My PF is pretty good but I don't fancy peeing myself if I can help it, lol. I think 5k is a short enough run that as long as I'm keeping well hydrated through the day, and replace fluids when I get home, I'm good. :)