Saturday, July 31, 2010

PEWC week 2

Second week of the Positive Effect Water Challenge under my belt, was aiming for 10 glasses a day and managed it. Chugged a total of 88, around 12 1/2 a day, or just over 3 litres. Not waking in the night to pee anymore, and cramps during my period have been really tame. Wondering how many of my physical issues were simply dehydration. Scary.

Had decided to aim for 12 glasses this week, as I'm noticing days I drink less, I'm feeling thirsty now. Part of me wondered if 3 litres every day might be overdoing it, but then reasoned that while I'm breastfeeding two toddlers, I'm likely to be able to cope with a bit more than 'average'.

Then I saw big_mummys latest and thought for 59p, it couldn't hurt to take a look at an app that wanted to tell me exactly how much water I needed, based on my lifestyle/weight etc. Used it today to measure my water intake, and it was a bit fun to be awarded an 'A' at the end of the day!

According to 'Water' at my weight, running 30minutes every other day and breastfeeding, I need just over 3.5litres a day, or 14 glasses. 3 weeks ago I wasn't getting even 25% of that in! Hoping to keep noticing ways in which my health is improving if I keep this up. Honestly, now the constant toilet trips are calming down, I can see this sticking.

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  1. WOw, that seems a lot of water! I think im doing well if I manage 2 litres in a day!!