Wednesday, July 21, 2010

sit up and pay attention...

Tonight I ran 20 minutes straight. Whoop. Haven't been able to do that since I was 15!! Covered 2.9k in 20 minutes, so ran at around 5.5miles an hour. Burning 261 calories :) Yay.

Is a huge mental shove I made to do this tonight, it's been a barrier for ages, me wondering if actually my body just had no stamina, was too weak, etc etc. Well, it's not. My legs felt fine, no pain, I sweat buckets, sure, but I'm 70lbs over my optimum weight, who wouldn't?! I hit a wall just a few minutes in, but kept on, and again at around 10 minutes, my lungs felt tight, but I bust through and for minutes 12-16 just enjoyed running. The last few were a bit tougher, mostly as I had a stitch forming, but I reckon I'll be ok to do the 25min run next time. To celebrate I downloaded the bridge to 10k app, cos in a month or so I'm going to need it.

Also did week 1 day 1 of the 200 sit-ups challenge today. Hoping that by holidays I'll have completed it, but if not, meh.. my abs need all the work they can get! In the initial test I managed 20 odd, and ranked as 'poor'. Was going to happen given that my muscles were hacked open 2 years ago.. so, quite chuffed with the 67 I managed today.

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