Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunburn, Picnics and staying on track..

back into London city today for the annual Breastfeeding picnic. Scotlands' Breastfeeding Bill protects the right of any child, in a public space where they are allowed to be, to have milk feeds (breast/bottle) without interruption. In Scotland,  mums, dads, grandparents or caregivers feed their hungry child(ren) milk anywhere the child has a right to be, and if someone tries to stop the feed it is an offence. The police can be called, and the person trying to stop the milk feed, can be charged and fined £2,500.

In England and Wales, and Northern Ireland, no such protection exists. This needs to change, and until it does we will lobby, and picnic!

Anyway, was a lovely day. Sam took the day off so we could all go, and I packed lunches full of goodies. Stuck to my calories, although I *had* to eat some boob cupcakes my friend Bec brought (nom, nom) so not wheat free.. Beautiful, gorgeous summer day. I had sunburn from the hours in Hyde park yesterday, so wore a top to cover those bits, and now I've twice the area of burn, as I was so focused on keeping halflings hydrated and in the shade.. fail.

The kids enjoyed running about and meeting new faces, though there weren't as many over 3s as last year, as school's not out yet. I very much liked seeing lots of online mum friends in person again. Been hiding away again as the weight's gone on, and life stuff has got in the way of those I would have gone to anyway. So yeh, was very happy to get some face time with the 'mafia mamas' ;)

After looking at the change in me from last year, I'm *very* glad to be back on track and have already shed a stone. I just look knackered and flabby. Gah.

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