Wednesday, July 21, 2010

week 99 (yikes)

and another 4lbs off this week, taking me to 33lb off now. I'm a third of the way to my optimum weight, and less than 50lbs to a healthy BMI. I seem to remember having done this particular whoop-fest before, oh yeah... there it was, 83 weeks ago. Ahem.

Girls are no longer a combined weight of 33lbs, and out of curiosity this morning I had the halflings all get on the Wii to weigh them. Seth is 51, Kai 43, Maya 25.5 and Anya 26. Just another 10lbs til I have lost the equivalent weight of my rhino boy. That'll feel like an achievement!!

Getting back under 190 feels very good, a nice solid decade between me and the 200lb mark. Phew. Just (ha) another 20lbs off  and I'm back out of obesity, which will be fab. Having had a taste of being just 'overweight' for several months last year, I know what I'm sacrificing staying this size. Though my cardiovascular fitness and core strength is far improved this year, so I can only imagine how incredible it'll feel being slim *and* fit. Have just under 2 months til my holiday/gig weekend, and I really REALLY want those 20lbs off for then. Moshing at Wembley, wearing what I want, rather than what I can, and going swimming without my costume trying to cut off the circulation to my limbs would be, well, nice!

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  1. Well done Joy! It's great seeing you firmly back on the wagon :)