Wednesday, July 07, 2010

week 97, week 2..

and another 4lbs off. Stepping firmly away from those 14 stones thankee very much.

Weight today 193lb - that's 29lb melted away. Plodding along quite nicely for now.

10 weeks until my holiday *yays* Am going to get a bit brave and set myself a goal to aim for. 25lbs between now and then. A steady 2.5 average a week is a good rate for me, something to work for without being out of reach.

That would take me to 169lb/12 stone 1, and an 'overweight' BMI, rather than an obese one. Works nicely I reckon. ^_^

At that weight I'm a curvy 14 (or I was last year) so last night I bought myself a new swimming cossie ready to hit the pool. I can't wear it as I am, looks terrible. So it's a great incentive!

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