Thursday, August 26, 2010

27 dresses 27 AND dresses

I have never really worn dresses. I've always LOVED how they look on others. Especially petite, spunky, impish girls. But not me. Nope. I was too big, couldn't pull of the look. Wouldn't work. Ugh, how I wish my head and body issues hadn't robbed me of dressing myself the way that this pixie chick should have been....

not pixie like at all. Nope.
So, realising that at 5'3" and once I reach a BMI of 22, a natural size 8 - I really should be classed as 'petite' by high street standards. (Well aware that I will always be 'fat' to the true fashionistas!) I am going to buy and wear (once I fit) what I would admire on other females of that build.

The year I live 27, I shall wear 27 dresses. Minus the drama (and hopefully the neon) of Katherine Heigls experience! I shall challenge myself to wear out 27 different dresses between 26/09/2010 and 25/09/2011. To be seen my people OTHER than immediate family, and to get photographic evidence. Will take really feeling confident and comfy in my skin to do it, definately outside my comfort zone. Part of my dads 'father of the bride' speech included a ha-ha about the shock of seeing me dressed like a girl. Only memories of me wearing a dress were limited to being a bridesmaid aged 5. Sam is always begging me to wear skirts/dresses, and part of my gift to him on our anniversary was me wearing a dress.. with leggings underneath!

To get the ball rolling I have bought myself a very girly dress to wear for my birthday in one months time.

I need to lose a good 3" to get that zipper up. It's going to be embarrassing wearing it out if I'm hanging out one side! I've no idea how much I need to lose to get into it, would guess it'll be around the mid 160s.

Game on!

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  1. Good luck! I used to hate wearing dresses but then I really got into them when I lost weight. I reckon you'll want to wear more than 27 by the time the year's up!