Monday, August 23, 2010

7 years, 8 stones.

I've been married to my husbeast. 7 mad, wonderful, chaotic years of growing up, having our babies and eating too much!

As a surprise, Sam had taken today off, and arranged with my parents for us to have 4 hours child-free!! For the first time since we've been parents, we went out together. Alone.

Went for a 3 course meal, with grown up messy starters, mains with sizzling pork and curried King Prawns and big ice cream desserts. Followed by Baileys Lattes and a giggly drunk shop at the supermarket to get some food in for the childrens' dinner.

This is the first year we've really celebrated our anniversary as a couple, and it was LOVELY. Really enjoyed having Sam to myself, though we were both ready to see the halflings when our coach turned back into a pumpkin.

We both went WAY over calories today, (though I ran tonight to try and melt some of it) but it's well and truly a one off. AND we both tracked the calories. Sam has a week to claw back the extra 3,500 (!!!!!) he consumed. I went over by a lot less, and even without saving any more tomorrow I'm under 2,000 a day over the week. But with 10lbs to lose in 3 weeks, and weigh-in due in 36hours, it's a bit close for comfort!

Was working out our weights earlier, and we are both now more than 4 stone (60lbs) heavier than on our wedding day. (Sam was around 14'10, I was 8'10). We both have BMI of 31.7 now.

Would say we are definately a couple effected by each others healthy habits (or lack of). I hadn't realised how unfit Sam had become, though I teased him about going to the gym. Only watching him get breathless walking up the (admittedly fairly steep and mile long) hill today did I realise that his cardiovascular fitness was as bad as mine had been a few weeks ago. No way I will convince him to run, but I think I need to really encourage him to visit the gym every other day on the way home to use their cross trainer!

Two months ago I walked home from my parents and realised I was struggling on the final bend at the top of the hill. Today I could giggle, mock Hubby and run backwards without my breathing being affected. Result!

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