Friday, August 13, 2010

farewell Ms. Procrastinator-pants

because last night I finished the graduation run for c25k. Pace was up to 7:11min a km, and I don't think I was pulling a Phoebe, so all good.

Very almost didn't go. I hadn't run on Wednesday as I took my parents dog for a 5mile walk instead (dad is away camping, mum dislikes walking the dog as he's not trained to her standards.) I knew I had to go last night, as I'm donating blood today, and didn't want to wait until Saturday to do the final run.

We went over to my mother-in-laws for the afternoon though, played in the sandy park all afternoon, and spent 3.5 hours walking/on public transport getting there and back. By the time we got in and the kids were fed it was 10pm.

Posted an 'ugh I CBA' status onto facebook, then pulled myself together and my trainers on and got out the door. Once I was running I felt good. It felt easier again, like I was pushing myself, but the resistance wasn't so furious. Had a panic when 10mins into the run I glanced at my GPS and saw I had only just managed .97. Figured it was glitchy, but then at around 18mins I looked again, and it was at 1.7. Really felt awful then, as I was sweaty and, I thought, moving at a decent pace - for me anyway.

Was only with 5 minutes to go that I saw my pace was nearly 6mph, and I realised the settings were still on imperial from editing my weight. *huge sigh of relief* .97 of a MILE in 10mins is far better!!

So, going to do 5k next time, and look forward to getting my speed improved even further, without resorting to the Pheebs method. (Though I will still use it for chasing the Halflings around the park!!)


  1. Well done Joy :)

    Love how you keep linking Friends!

  2. Congrats on completing C25k! Great job!