Sunday, August 15, 2010

Give blood, eat a free bar of Green&Blacks.

I still had to pay for it at the till, but apparently the calories are a freebie.

Have struggled to not go on a bad, mad eating spree over the last 48hours. Finally feeling it shifting now, after a migraine that got drugged in time last night. Must be ovulation time for me, would mean my cycles are settling I guess.

Friday evening I went to donate blood for the first time since University. Stopped at the co-op on the way and grabbed myself a big 100g bar of Almond G&Bs while there (how evil are they to have stocked my 2nd favourite flavour, grr) as I knew the NHS vampire service would be wanting to see me eat post-bloodletting, but only be offering snacks of wheat laden biscuits.

Was only after Seth asked whether taking my blood meant they were taking my 'power and energy' that I wondered about the caloric values of blood-making. Thought about how much energy it would take for my body to replenish the plasma, cell count etc. So I did what any self-respecting internetaholic would do and grabbed my phone to google it, while on the gurney. According to a lot of yahoo answers type threads, donating a unit means burning an 'extra' 600-650 cals in the following days as the body replaces it. Sweet.

Felt a little happier laying on the bed with the stint pulling the blood out my arm, knowing that I was burning 100cals every one of those 6 minutes. That's waaaay more efficient than running.

Seriously though, tucking into that chocolate was good. I'm looking at around 1700-1800 cals a day this week, feeling hungry on much less but worry that I won't have a loss come Wednesday.

Attempted a run tonight, but was lagging. After the first 2km I had to stop, and instead walked an extra 5km. My head feels woozy still, so I assume the migraine is still there, hoping to jump me as soon as I let my guard down. Not going anywhere without my codeine now!

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  1. and I've got a super rare blood type! MORE CHOCOLATE FOR ME! Hooraysies.