Wednesday, August 04, 2010

where there's smoke...

Had a bit of an odd day, not a bad one. Food and everything have been fine, easy really.

We had intented to go for a walk with the halflings to Sainsburys and back, a 2 mile walk, plus whatever mooching we do instore. Instead I spent the afternoon de-smoking the flat after Seth made fire toast during the twins nap. By the time I could see the way to the kitchen, and had made lunch, it was 4pm.

So instead I baked myself wheat free, chocolate espresso loaf cake (nom) and gave the blog a makeover. I did do my walk, for the Awesome August challenge and drank my water. So all good.

Looking forward to weighing in, and starting a fresh blemish free week. Totted up my weeks calories, and I've taken in an average of 1932 a day. So will look forward to the results of the week come tomorrow!

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