Tuesday, August 17, 2010

hitting the wall

pointless, painful, and leaves grazes that sting for days after you've stepped aside and walked around the wall, rather than attempting to beat it into submission.

That's how this week has felt. Really looking forward to weigh in tomorrow, not because I expect to see anything pleasing, but because I want a fresh week to get on with.

I've spent the week feeling dazed and confused, not on plan with my calories, not plotting my eating for the day. Deciding at the last minute to go for a run. Eating way too much chocolate, grazing on a few wheaty nibbles here and there, and occasionally thinking 'ah, today is sunk anyways, I'll just have xxx anyway' UGH.

After completing c25k last Thursday, I didn't run again until Sunday evening. Managed 12 minutes and then couldn't make myself go anymore. So I stopped 0_0 and walked. Took myself back out last night, determined to get a grip and run. Managed 5.2k in 39 minutes. Struggled, but did it. Did pushups week 2 day 1 on Friday morning, then no more until tonight. The weekend - Friday midday until late Monday was a washout, eating lots, sitting lots, moving little. The only thing I did 'right' was drink my water. Last night I realised I'd still got 12 days of activity to do this month for the august challenge, and 15 days left to do them, I needed to stop being all emo and get back on track, pronto (so thanks HealthyLoserGal).

Anyway, over now. I've planned a run tomorrow, am going to do 5k every other night for the 2-3 weeks my sister is away. Hopefully get my time closer to 30mins by then.

Drank 101 glasses of water this week (target according to app was 95), 425 minutes walking, 82 minutes running and 102 pushups. I ate an average of 2318 calories a day, oops! To maintain, according to myfitness app, I would expect to eat 2360 a day though. And by their calculations at 1860 a day I'd lose 1lb a week. I've been losing 3lb at that rate, so hoping I will get a sts.

Going to aim for higher calories next week. As 1360 is too low I feel, leadsing me to overeat. If I aim for 1600 I hope to stay within my calories each day, without getting silly hungry and going OTT.

My hands are grazed, but I'm walking around the wall, and ready to sprint as far as I can, or until I reach the next one!

It's not forever, just for the rest of my life..

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